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About the Project-Edut

Historical testimony database of the events from the seventh of October 2023, 22nd Tishrei 5784 – Swords of Iron War

Edut 710 is the largest documentation organization in Israel, which has set itself the goal of establishing a video testimony database that will be preserved for generations to come. The documentation is of historical value, which will serve as the national testimony archive of the events of 7.10.

In these days of terrible rupture, on a scale we have never known in the history of the State of Israel, it is important to hear and record the story of those who were in the heart of hell, and it is in their power to tell it in their own words.

Edut 710 is a voluntary organization with no political or media affiliation.

The Edut 710 organization was established by volunteers, men and women of documentary film, historical research, and mental health professionals, who joined together to establish the Edut 710 project, which aims to document and preserve the testimony of the events of the October Seventh, with the highest professional and ethical standards.

Edut 710 has set itself the goal to document and preserve the events of October seventh by establishing a comprehensive, orderly, and meticulous evidence archive, which can be used in the present and in the future for a wide variety of uses. First and foremost, for the survivors themselves and their families as personal documentation, but also as materials for studying the events for therapists, researchers, historians, community workers and producers.

It is important to us at Edut 710 to show the face and play the voices behind the stories in authentic, personal, non-news like and non-commercial documentation, with as little editing as possible, to give the witnesses time and a safe space to tell their story in their own way, in an authentic and beneficial way.

Due to the proximity to the events, the field and interview teams are trained and accompanied by professionals from the field of mental health and emotional support.

We invite those who wish to give testimony to contact us directly, and proactively we appeal to those who can offer the option of documentation to the survivors.

Our goal is to reach every person who wants to tell their story, anywhere in the country.

The video testimony will be available to the witness and will also be uploaded to the server for archiving. Some of the testimonies will be accessible to the public for research, memory, and study purposes, and some will be used as documentation for future generations.

The testimonies can also be used for publicity and communication purposes, according to the consent and approval of the witnesses.

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