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Project Partners

Organizations and institutions who have joined the Edut 710 project.

Wix joined the project from the begining. It provided a team of senior engineers and designers for the purpose of establishing an advanced web platform, and making the evidence based testimonies accessible to the general public.

A group of researchers from the Center for Digital Humanities and the Verbal Documentation Section at the Hebrew University accompanies the Edut 710 project. The researchers, who have extensive experience in documentation, computational analysis of evidence base testimonies, and building digital archives, are assisting in the collection of evidence, preserving the documentation, and building the Edut 710 archive.

לוגו מרכז אורנים

Researchers and lecturers from the Department of Communication at Oranim College have accompanied the project from its inception. The researchers are cinematographers with extensive experience in the documentary field, who guide the filming, editing, and cinematography processes of the project.

Yale University researchers, one of the leading universities in the world, have accompanied the project since its inception. Yale University maintains, strengthens, and makes accessible to the world the Fortunoff Archive, the oldest and most advanced Holocaust evidence archive in the world, which contains over 4,000 testimonies of survivors from around the world.

Verbit, a company specializing in video translation and transcription, has provided the project with the artificial intelligence (AI) engine for transcription and subtitling of the testimonies, and the quality control system.

Master DAM from IDEA was harnessed to establish the project's digital archive for the purpose of preserving the evidence for future generations based on one of the most advanced Digital Asset Management systems in the world.

Ooona contributed artificial intelligence-based engines for the initial translation of the testimonies into different languages. This translation is performed by professional translation teams in the various languages, while Ooona provides a professional toolbox for producing subtitles and managing the subtitle production processes.

Priority is a company who specializes in cloud-based ERP systems, that is open and scalable for small and medium businesses. Priority has donated their ERP system for Edut 710 project.

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