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Historical Testimony Database of the Events of October 7th 2023

Testimonies Database

From Ayala Avraham's testimony: "I couldn't tell who was a terrorist and who wasn't."

Ayala Avraham

The testimony of

Ayala Avraham


May Caspi

Kerem Shalom

Iris Ganor

Nahal Oz

Gilad Honwald


Erez Arieli


Rotem Almog


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Edut 710 is the largest documentation organization in Israel, which has set itself the goal of establishing a video testimony database that will be preserved for generations to come. The documentation is of historical value, which will serve as the national testimony archive of the events of 7.10.

The Edut 710 organization was established by volunteers, men and women of documentary cinema, historical research, and mental health professionals, who joined together to establish the Edut 710 project, which aims to document and preserve the testimony of the events of the October Seventh – Swords of Iron War, with the highest professional and ethical standards.

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