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Historical testimony database of the events from the seventh of October 2023, 22nd Tishrei 5784 – Swords of Iron War

Since October 7th, we have endured an unprecedented rupture, unlike anything ever witnessed in the history of the State of Israel. As history has shown, the significance of first-person testimony cannot be understated – it is invaluable for future generations, legally significant, and crucial in revealing the truth to the world.


Our utmost priority is to ensure that the faces and voices behind these stories are seen and heard. Through authentic and deeply personal documentation, we are committed to reaching every individual who wishes to share their narrative, irrespective of their location within the country.


Our achievements so far:


We have successfully built a vibrant community comprising 300 volunteers from diverse backgrounds such as documentary cinema, historical research, graphic design, digital media, production, therapy, community engagement, and mental health. A robust operational infrastructure and temporary management structure have been established, accompanied by the launch of an immersive website. Crucially, we have documented hundreds of testimonies of the tragic massacre, with ongoing efforts in capturing even more heartfelt accounts.


“Edut 710” is not a short-term project, we are running a marathon, and we intend to continue collecting testimonies also in the years to come.


Prior to the massacre, 70,000 residents lived in the Gaza envelope. Together with the search and rescue forces, the events of 7.10 changed forever the lives of more than 150,000 Israeli and foreign citizens. We intend to continue collecting testimonies until we reach every person who wants to give their testimony.


How can we ensure the continuity of our project?


Despite the efforts of the dozens of energetic volunteers, "Edut 710" needs financial support, to continue realizing the vision, to continue documenting and perpetuating the stories and testimonies.


"Edut 710" is a non-profit cooperative association.

We invite you to be partners and take part in this important project.

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