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First-hand testimonies of the survivors of the events from The Nova Festival on October 7th, 2023, 22 Tishrei, 5784


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Ayala Avraham

From Ayala Avraham's testimony: "I couldn't tell who was a terrorist and who wasn't."

Debi Oulu

“All around there’s shooting..ta ta ta ta”- Debi Oulu recounts Oct 7 at Tel Or farm

Rotem Almog

Rotem Almog: "We arrived at the party nine, we came back three. They took my whole group."

Sharon Weisberger

"The DJ said, 'Red alert, everyone get down on the floor,' and from there, it was a storm."

Shaked Levi

Shaked relates the story of his quest with his brother to return safe and sound to their mother.

Elad Erenraich

From the testimony of Elad Erenraich: "I saw heroes who went back simply to save others, and I know for certain that some of them did not return”

Agam Yosefzon

From the testimony of Agam Yosefzon: "I don't get it - where are the people who are supposed to protect me?"

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