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Testimony of

Erez Arieli

Erez Arieli



Testimony of

Erez Arieli

Erez Arieli



The Full Testimony

Testimony of 

Erez Arieli

Erez and his family sat in the safe room without reception after the terrorists entered the kibbutz. Erez went out for breaks in the hallway of the house to catch up and realized that the terrorists had entered the home of his next-door neighbors when other houses in his block were set on fire. He armed himself with a knife in case they broke into their house as well. Only in the evening did they escape and evacuate In their private car. While driving on the dark road to the north, they first noticed the remains of burned cars, bodies lying on the side of the road, and a burned Israeli tank. Only then did they begin to understand the scale of the disaster. Two months after 7/10, Erez was diagnosed with a rare lung cancer, which may have erupted as a result of the trauma.

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Erez Arieli






Videography: Ari Bloch
Interview: Galia Shiloach
Video editing: Dov Gazit
Content editing: Tali Segev

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Other testimonies

Erez Arieli

From Erez Arieli's testimony: "They really came to kill us, like Nazis, to burn us

Ester Taranto

From Esther Taranto's testimony: “it’s not the IDF firing, it’s someone else firing.”

Eitan Cunio

Eitan Cunio: "Complete destruction. Really, It hurts to see it. Not a crumb left from the house..."

Iris Ganor

From the testimony of Iris Ganor: “I survived, I was busy surviving”

Ayala Avraham

From Ayala Avraham's testimony: "I couldn't tell who was a terrorist and who wasn't."

Debi Oulu

“All around there’s shooting..ta ta ta ta”- Debi Oulu recounts Oct 7 at Tel Or farm

Adam Berdeshevsky

Adam Berdeshevsky: "As it came closer, I told the children the terrorists will probably come here"

Olga Chagin

From Olga Chagin's testimony: “My mind was in an abnormal state of confusion; I was terrified”

Isi Shemesh

From the testimony of Isi Shemesh: "We were scared to death."

Rotem Almog

Rotem Almog: "We arrived at the party nine, we came back three. They took my whole group."

Nir Caspi Sultan

"They did the job too well", Nir Caspi Sultan, Holit, Oct. 7th

Liora Clark

Liora Clark: "I heard a lot of shooting. I saw the guys from the civil guard with weapons drawn".

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