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Testimony of

Isi Shemesh

Isi Shemesh



Testimony of

Isi Shemesh

Isi Shemesh



The Full Testimony

Testimony of 

Isi Shemesh

On Friday night, Isi Shemesh and his wife drove to the airport to pick up their daughter, who had returned from abroad. On their way home to Kibbutz Magen, they passed the party at Re'im, not imagining what would happen nearly three hours later. A red alert woke them up, and they entered the safe room. Isi heard that in addition to the rocket falls in the community, there were shootings. As head of the local emergency team, he immediately issued a message to the residents, instructing them to lock the doors of their homes and remain silent. He had never written this before. Terrorists infiltrated Magen, and members of the alert squad waged a heroic battle against them. Issei and his wife remained in the safe room. When they heard footsteps on the roof of the safe room, they feared for their lives. For hours, while the battle outside was raging, Isi held the safe room door with one hand and answered dozens of kibbutz members' messages. "The army is on its way," he wrote to them. But the army didn't come. The members of the alert squad alone managed to overcome dozens of terrorists and saved the kibbutz from a fate like that of neighboring kibbutzim.‎

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Isi Shemesh






Videography: Binyamin Shilo
Interview: Tehila Darmon Malka
Video editing: Binyamin Shilo
Content editing: Einat Gal

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