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Testimony of

Rotem Yisrael

Rotem Yisrael



Testimony of

Rotem Yisrael

Rotem Yisrael



The Full Testimony

Testimony of 

Rotem Yisrael

On that Shabbat morning, Rotem, who was eight months pregnant, locked herself in the safe room with her two small children. She heard gunshots and terrorists in her neighborhood. She pushed a large cabinet to block the safe room door and asked her 8-year-old son to be quiet and keep his 3-year-old brother from waking up so the bad people outside wouldn’t hear them. After many long hours of fear, as terrorists broke into her house, Rotem thought that might be the last time she saw her children, and she began to say goodbye to them. That evening IDF soldiers rescued her, and only then did Rotem see the extent of the destruction outside. She broke down when she found out that her neighbors had been murdered. She was evacuated to Kibbutz Gvulot. There, she met Adi, a girl only seven-and-a-half years old, who told Rotem that she saw her mother being murdered while she was hiding in a closet.

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Rotem Yisrael






Videography: Ari Bloch
Interview: Galia Shiloach
Video editing: Yuval Beryl
Content editing: Tali Segev

Other media

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